Perpetual Calendar Pocket Chart [SME746]
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Perpetual Calendar Pocket Chart

Perpetual Calendar Pocket Chart

Perpetual Calendar Pocket Chart
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Kids are very familiar with pocket charts and what better way to combine a calendar than with a pocket chart?  The greatest benefit of this system is that the calendar is perpetual.

This wall calendar is large.  It measures 25 1/2" x 38 1/4" and has 46 see-through pockets.  You can include cards that depict the month, date, year, day of the week, weather, seasons and special events.  You can even customize your own birthday and other special even cards with a dry-erase marker.  Another great benefit is that the backs of the cards are in Spanish for your ESL students!

The pocket chart includes three extra storage pockets on the bottom for your extra cards.  This is a perfect pocket chart for your primary students.  The chart includes 100 cards depicting all of the above.

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