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Pre-Algebra Practice
Pre-Algebra Practice is a great tool for any educator. Simplifies the concepts of real numbers, integers, properties, operations, exponents, square roots, and patterns. Include...
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Pre-Algebra Practice
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100 Algebra Workouts Gr 6-8
Algebra (Grade 5-8)
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Algebra (Skills For Success)
Algebra 1 Flip Up Study Guide
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Algebra Balance, Four Pan
Algebra Book 1 Straight Forward Large Edition
Algebra Book 2 Straight Forward Large Edition
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Algebra Gr 6-9
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Algebra II Practice
Algebra II Reproducible Book
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Algebra Practice
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Algebra Tiles, Student Set (32-Pk)
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Daily Skills Builders Series Pre-Algebra
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How To Succeed In Pre-Algebra (Grade 5-8)
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Jumpstarters For Pre-Algebra - Short Daily Warm-Ups For The Classroom
Magnetic Algebra Tiles
Mastering The Standards - Algebra
Math Tutor Algebra
Math Tutor Pre Algebra
Middle School Math Collection Pre-Algebra
Pre Algebra And Algebra Learning Card
Pre-Algebra (Grade 6-9)
Pre-Algebra (Skill For Success)
Pre-Algebra Activities
Pre-Algebra Activity Book Gr 5-8
Pre-Algebra Book 1 Straight Forward Math
Pre-Algebra Book 2 Straight Forward Math
Pre-Algebra Flip Up Study Guide
Pre-Algebra Gr 5-8
Pre-Algebra Masterminds Gr 6-9
Pre-Algebra Practice
Reteaching Math: Algebra Readiness (Grade 4-6)
Skill Builders Algebra
Skill Builders Pre-Algebra
Solving Equations Visual Learning Guide Math Gr 6-9
Spectrum Algebra Workbook (Grades 6-8)
The Amazing Algebra Book
The Pythagorean Theorem Visual Learning Guide Math Gr 6-9

Teaching Algebra

Teaching algebra, even teaching elementary algebra, can be a daunting task. The abstract nature of algebra can be difficult for a student to grasp.

The materials in this section are primarily designed for the K-9 classroom, and include pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. You will find both teaching material and activity work for the class.

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