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Early Childhood Manipulatives

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Preschool Manipulatives & Kindergarten Manipulatives

Preschool and kindergarten are two of the most important stages of a child’s development and manipulatives are an excellent method for teaching young learners. Whether it’s using blocks, patterning, sorting, tracing or any other skill, manipulatives are the fastest and easiest method of teaching youngsters.

Using LEGOs are one way of teaching early childhood students basic shapes, although the same could be said for construction manipulatives as well as the tried and true blocks.

There is nothing like actually handling things to teach a young child to understand. Not only does it have tactile benefits, but it also teaches spatial reasoning and motor skills. Some children simply learn easier by visualization and touching.

While this section is primarily concerned with preschool and kindergarten students, these manipulatives can also be used for older students, up through the second grade. Please browse through the various sub sections or use the enhanced search function to find almost anything you could need.

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