Quizmo Early Learning Series
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Quizmo Early Learning Series

Quizmo Early Learning Series

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Quizmo Early Learning Series is a great tool for any educator or parent. Provides a developmental continuum in 2 major curriculum areas! A series of games that permit kids to move in a developmental continuum in 2 major curriculum areas. This series includes 3 early mathematics games, and 3 early language arts games. The math games take kids from the semi-concrete to the abstract of numbers and introduce beginning basic operations, addition, and subtraction. The language arts games start with letter recognition and progress to single consonant, consonant blend, and short vowel sounds. This series includes: Numbers Quizmo, Early Learning Counting & Numbers Quizmo, Addition & Subtraction Quizmo, Early Learning Alphabet Quizmo, Alphabet Quizmo, and Phonetic Quizmo. Your kids will love this collection. Let them have fun while they learn!

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