Classroom Borders, Bulletin Board Trim
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Borders & Trim

100Th Day Doodle Bugs Borders W/ Corners
3-D Border
50 States Spotlight Border
A-B-C 123 Plaid Straight Border Trim
Aboriginal Art Scalloped Trimmer
Abstract Design Border Trim
Abstract Rainbow Border Trim
African Cloth Spotlight Border
African Kente Cloth Spotlight Border
African Weave Borders
All Aboard Borders with Corners
All Around The Board Trimmer
All Around The Board Trimmer Food
All Kinds Of Kids Trimmer
All Star Sports Terrific Trimmer
Alpha Bead Buddies Trimmers
Alphabet Border Trim (Straight Border)
Alphabet Borders
Alphabet Deco Trim
Alphabet Line - American Sign Language
Alphabites Trim
American Flags - Electoral Scalloped Deco Trim
American Flags Deco Trim
Americana Border
Americana Double Sided Border
Americana Say-It Border
Americana Trimmer
Animal Chic Double Sided Trimmer
Animal Fun Spotlight Border
Animal Pop-Its Border Set
Animal Prints Contains T92163 T92162 T92308 T92310
Animals Straight Border Trim
Apple Border - Stencil Cut Border
Apple Chalkboard Scalloped Border
Apples & Black Gingham Border Set
Apples & Books Chart Straight Border
Apples & Gingham - Pop Apart Border
Apples And Dots Straight Border Trim
Apples Border
Apples Border Trim - Straight Border
Apples Deco Trim
Apples In Clay Border
Apples Straight Border
Aqua Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
Arctic North Woods Border with Corners
Around The World Photo Border
Around The World Scalloped Trimmer
Art Frame Photo Border
Art Straight Border Trim
Autumn Border Trim
Autumn Harvest Border with 4 corners
Autumn Leaves Border
Autumn Leaves Borders With Corners
Autumn Leaves Photo Border
Autumn Leaves Trimmer
Awesome Alphabet Borders
Awesome Numbers 0-20 Borders
Back To School Pop-Its Set
Bamboo Scalloped Trimmer
Bamboo Trimmer
Basic Geometry Border
Basics - Kid Drawn Straight Borders
Be A Buddy Spotlight Border
Bee A Reader Trimmer
Bees & Honeycomb Border
Bees Border
Big Smiles Border/Trimmers
Birch Bark Trimmer
Birthday Friends Cake Deco Trim
Birthday Monkeys Spotlight Border
Birthday Time Trimmer
Black & White Checks Borders
Black And White Dot Border
Black And White Pennant Border
Black Decor Double Sided Border
Black Gingham Trimmer
Black History Photo Border
Black Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
Black Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Black Scalloped Border
Black Scalloped Border Trim
Black TrimmersTerrific Trimmers
Black With White Paw Prints Border Trim
Black-Eyed Susans Trimmer
Black/Multicolor Dots Scalloped Border Trim
Black/White Crazy Circles Straight Border Trim
Blue & Green Stripes Wavy Border
Blue And Gold Trimmer
Blue Blocks Border
Blue Bubbles Border
Blue Fizz Terrific Trimmers
Blue Green Plaid Border Trim
Blue Handmade Paper Trimmer
Blue Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
Blue Polka Dots Scalloped Trimmer
Blue Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Blue Scalloped Border
Blue Sparkle Border
Blue Sparkle Border
Blue Sparkle Trimmer
Blue Sprinkles Borders
Blue Swirls Border Trim
Blue Swirls Trimmer
Blue Terrific Trimmers
Blue Vibe Terrific Trimmers
Blue Water Border
Blue Water Trimmer
Blue Waves Mighty Brights Border
Blue Waves Straight Border Trim
Blue With Gold Paw Prints Border Trim
Blue With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Blue, Graphic Pattern Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Bold Stripes Border
Books In Clay Borders
Books Spotlight Border
Bookshelf Of The Classics Border
Bordette 2 1/4 X 50Ft Deep Purple
Bordette 2 1/4 X 50Ft Magenta
Bordette 2 1/4 X 50Ft Solid Lime
Bordette 2 1/4 X 50Ft Sunset Gold
Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' White Icicles
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Apple Green
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Azure Blue
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Black
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Brite Blue
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Brown
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Canary
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Flame Red
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Orange
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Pink
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Rich Blue
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Royal Blue
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Violet
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' White
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Emerald Green
Bordette 2 1/4" X 50' Nile Green
Brick Corobuff Design (4 Pack)
Bright Books Trimmer
Bright Bricks Terrific Trimmers
Bright Ideas
Bright Ideas Border
Brighten Your Vocabulary Border
Brights On Black Contains T92152 T92156 T92136 T92314
Brown Bear Stripes Straight Border
Brown Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Brush Strokes Trimmer
Bubbles Border
Bugs & Spots Pop Apart Border
Bugs - Kid-Drawn Straight Border
Bugs In Grass Straight Borders
Bully Free Zone Borders
Busy Bees Trimmer
Butterflies & Moths Photo Border
Butterflies Border Trim
Butterflies Photo Trim
Butterflies Trimmer - Scalloped
Button Flowers Border Trim
Buzzy Bees Border Trim
Calico Stars Border
Camo Double Sided Border
Camouflage Border Trim
Camouflage Border Trim
Candy Cane Straight Border
Candy Cane Stripes Scalloped Border
Candy Corn Scalloped Border
Carnival Border
Cartoon Bugs Scalloped Border
Cat In The Hat - Blue Deco Trim
Cat In The Hat - Yellow Deco Trim
Caution All Around The Board Trimmer
Celebration Border
Celebration Gift Boxes Mini BB Set
Celebration Straight Border Trim
Chalkboard Topper Basic Geometry
Chalkboard Topper Bookshelf Classic
Chalkboard Topper Flags Of Nations
Chalkboard Topper Literary Genres
Chalkboard Topper Music
Chalkboard Topper Music Time Line
Chalkboard Topper Place Value
Chalkboard Topper Scientific Method
Chalkboard Topper U.S. History Time Line
Chalkboard Topper World History Time Line
Chalkboard Topper Writing Process
Chameleons Scalloped Trimmer
Character Education Border
Character Traits Spotlight Border
Checkered Flag Border Trim
Checks Wave Rainbow Border Trim
Chemistry Trimmers
Cherries Border - Scalloped by Mary Engelbreit
Cherries Scalloped Border Trim Mary Engelbreit
Chile Peppers Trimmer
Chocolate Terrific Trimmer
Christmas Border Trim
Christmas Toys Trimmer
Circle Frenzy Double Sided Border
City Skyline Scalloped Trimmer
Classic Curls Border
Clifford Paw Print Trimmer
Clouds Border Trim
Clouds Jumbo Borders, Grade Pk-5
Clouds Scalloped Border
Clouds Straight Border Trim
Coconut Palms Wavy Border
Color Basics Border Trim
Color Bees Trimmers
Color Blast Contains T92144 T92138 T92143 T92703
Color Collage Border Trim
Color Craft Terrific Trimmer
Color Monkeys Trimmers
Color Palette Border Trim
Color Play Terrific Trimmers
Color Splash Border Trim
Colorblend Footprints Trimmer
Colored Pencils Borders
Colored Pencils Trimmers
Colorful Apples Straight BorderTrim by Susan Winget
Colorful Blocks Border
Colorful Brush Strokes Terrific Trimmers
Colorful Bubbles Border
Colorful Combo Variety Pack
Colorful Crayons Trimmers
Colorful Critters Border
Colorful Dots Scalloped Border
Colorful Froggies Borders - Straight Border
Colorful Frogs Trimmers
Colorful Handprints Straight Border
Colorful Hearts Trimmers
Colorful Leopard Double Sided Border
Colorful Owls Border Strips
Colorful Paw Prints Border Trim
Colorful Pencils Straight Border Trim
Colorful Stars Scalloped Border
Colorful Stripes Border
Colorful Swirls Straight Border
Colortime Paintbrushes Borders
Computer Border Trim (straight)
Confetti All-Around Border
Cool Stripes Scalloped Trimmer
Cool Stripes Trimmer
Cool Swirls Terrific Trimmer
Corkboard Terrific Trimmer
Corrugated Fireplace Corobuff Patterns
Country Apple Basket Borders With Corners
Crayon Flowers Border
Crayons Border
Crayons Layered Border
Critical Thinking Photo Border - Gears
Cube Illusion Borders
Cupcake Straight Border Trim
Cupcakes Border
Cupcakes Layered Border
Current Events Photo Border
Cute Bears Scalloped Trimmer
Dainty Dragonflies Border
Damask & Pearls Double Sided Border
Dancing Dots Wavy Border
Days Of The Week Border
Deco Dots Border
Decorative Designs Pop-Its Set
Deep Pink Trimmer
Delightful Daisies Border
Denim Trimmers
Discover Music Trimmer
Discover Science Trimmer
Doodles And Dots Border
Dot.Calm Border
Dots & Flowers Border Trim
Dots In Bloom Border
Dots N Swirls Border
Dots On A Wave Wavy Border
Dots On Black Apples Border
Dots On Black Wavy Border
Dots On Blue Wavy Border
Dots On Chocolate Border
Dots On Chocolate Pennant Border
Dots On Green Wavy Border
Dots On Red Wavy Border
Dots On Turquoise Pennant Border
Dots On Turquoise Wavy Border
Dots On Yellow Borders
Down On The Farm Borders With Corners
Dr Seuss - ABCs Deco Trim
Dr Seuss - The Grinch Scalloped Deco Trim
Dr Seuss One Fish Two Fish Trimmer
Dr Seuss Whoville Whos Trimmer
Earth Friendly Shaped Borders
Easter Eggs! Border with corners
Easter Photo Border
Eco Trees Border
Eggstravaganza Trimmer
Egyptian Hieroglyphs Spotlight Border
Elements Of Literature Brainy Borders
Emoticons Deco Trim
Everything Spring Deco Trim
Fall Bubbles Border
Fall Fun Terrific Trimmer
Fall Harvest Border
Fall Leaves Trimmer
Fall Leaves Scalloped Trimmer
Fall Pumpkins Layered Look Border
Fall Straight Border Trim
Famous African Americans Trimmers
Fancy Hearts Border Trim
Fancy Stars Straight Border Trim
Fantastic Ants Borders With Corners
Fantastic Kids Border Trim
Farm Animals Photo Border
Farm Fence Bolder Borders
Fence Border
Fence Borders
Fern Leaves Border
Fiesta Stripes Scalloped Trimmer
Fiesta Stripes Trimmers
Film Straight Border
Fiore Belissimi Double Sided Border
Fish & Waves Border
Fish Terrific Trimmers
Fishy Fun Border
Flags Of Nations Trimmers
Floral Fun Border
Floral Garden Terrific Trimmers
Flower Blooms Scalloped Trimmers
Flower Bursts Scalloped Trimmer
Flower Doodles Border
Flower Power Border
Flower Power Trimmers
Flower Power Wavy Border
Flowers & Hearts Border by Mary Engelbreit
Flowers & Hearts Border Trim Mary Engelbreit
Flowers - Kid-Drawn Straight Border
Flowers In Clay Borders
Food Guide Trimmer
Fossils Trimmer
Four Seasons Terrific Trimmers
Frame-It Border
Frog Double Sided Border
Frog Fun Straight Border
Frog Pond Border
Frog Tasic Flash Variety Pack Terrific Trimmers
Frog Tastic Borders
Frog Tastic Frolic Trimmer
Froggies Border
Frogs & Gingham Pop-apart Border
Frogs Border
Frogs Straight Border Trim
Frontier Roundup Spotlight Border
Fruit Mix Trimmer
Fruit Stripes Terrific Trimmer
Fruits & Vegetables Scalloped Trimmer
Funky Rings Blue Scalloped Trimmer
Furry Friends Borders
Furry Friends Faces Trimmer
Furry Friends Fence Border
Furry Fur Terrific Trimmers
Gears Terrific Trimmer
Geckos Terrific Trimmers
Gel Stars Terrific Trimmers
Geometric Patterns Spotlight Border
Get Fit Straight Border
Gingerbread Layered Border
Giraffe Safari Prints Bordette 2-1/4" x 25'
Giraffe Trimmers
Go Bananas Spotlight Border
Go Green Border
Go Green Photo Border
Go Green Say-It Border
Gold And Silver Stars Scalloped Border
Gold Metallic Trimmer
Gold Stars Border Trim
Gold Trimmer
Gold With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Graffiti Math Double Sided Border
Graphic 123s Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Graphic ABCs Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Graphic Apples Scalloped Trimmer
Graphic Stars Scalloped Trimmer
Grass - Big Borders
Grass Scalloped Border
Grass Straight Border
Grass Trimmer
Green Foliage Trimmer
Green Grass Mighty Brights Border
Green Polka Dots Scalloped Trimmer
Green Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Green Scalloped Border
Green Sparkle Trimmer
Green Terrific Trimmers
Green Vibe Terrific Trimmers
Green With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Guatemala Stripes Wavy Border
Halloween Border Trim
Halloween Border Trim (Straight)
Halloween Photo Border
Handprints & Kids Pop-Apart Border
Happy Birthday Borders with Corners
Happy Birthday Photo Border
Happy Faces Border
Happy Faces Border Trim
Happy Faces Border Trim
Happy Stars Border Trim
Happy Stars Border Trim
Healthy Eating Photo Border
Healthy Habits All-Around Border
Hearts Bolder Borders
Hearts Scalloped Trimmers
Helping Hands Border Trim
Helping Hands Border Trim
Helping Hands Trimmer
Hispanic Heritage Straight Border
Holiday Holly Scalloped Border Trim
Holiday Lights Straight Border
Hollywood Clapboard Deco Trim
Hollywood Stars Border
Hop-To-It Frogs! Border with Corners
Hot Air Balloon Border
Hot Chocolate Double Sided Border
Hot Rod Flames Borders With Corners
Hot Stripes Scalloped Trimmer
Hot Stripes Terrific Trimmer
Hot Swirls Terrific Trimmer
Hot To Dot-Bloom Border
Hot To Dot-Swirl Border
I'm A Book Bug Straight Border Trim
Ice Cream Cones Photo Border
In The News Trimmer
Insects Photo Border
International Flags Borders
International Kids Straight Borders
Island Leaves Straight Border Trim
Ivy Trimmer
Jazzy Gems Terrific Trimmers
Jazzy Jeans Border
Jigsaw Terrific Trimmer
Jumbo Dots On Chocolate Border
Jumbo Polka Dots Wavy Border
Jungle Borders
Jungle Flowers Scalloped Trimmer
Jungle Fun Bolder Borders
Kaleidoscope Terrific Trimmers
Kaleidoscope Wavy Border
Kelly Green Trimmer
Kente Cloth Borders
Keys To Music Trimmer
Kid-Drawn Kids Straight Border
Kid-Drawn Weather Straight Border
Kids Around The World Border
Kids At Work Straight Border
Kids Border
Kids Borders Straight Border
Kids Straight Border Trim
Ladybugs - Straight Border
Ladybugs Border
Ladybugs Layered Border
Ladybugs Trimmer
Leaves & Checks Pop-Apart Border
Leaves Layered Border
Leaves Of Autumn Trimmers
Leopard Border Trim
Leopard Print Scalloped Border
Leopard Rainbow Print Scalloped Border Trim
Leopard Terrific Trimmers
Light Brown Handmade Paper Trimmer
Light Bulbs Terrific Trimmers
Lightbulbs Spotlight Border
Lightning Trimmer
Lime Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
Literacy Locker Double Sided Border
Literary Genres Border
Lively Leaves Terrific Trimmers
Lots O Bubbles Trimmer
Lots Of Dots Black Border
Lots Of Dots Blue Shaped Borders
Lots Of Dots Brown Shaped Borders
Lots Of Dots Green Shapes Border
Lots Of Dots Purple Shapes Border
Lots Of Dots Red Shapes Border
Lots Of Dots Yellow Border
Love Our Planet Borders with Corners
Maroon Trimmer
Maroon With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Marquee Lights Scalloped Trimmer
Mary Englebreit Dots & Flowers Border Trim
Math Border
Math Fun Trimmer
Math Signs Trimmer
Math Straight Border Trim
Math Symbols Brainy Borders
Math Symbols Scalloped Trimmer
Mathematics Brainy Border
Metallic Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' Blue
Metallic Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' Gold
Metallic Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' Red
Metallic Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' Green
Metallic Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' Purple
Metallic Bordette 2 1/4" X 25' Silver
Mittens And Snowballs Trimmers
Mittens Photo Border
Mod Circles With Owls Double Sided Border
Monarch Butterflies Trimmer
Money Borders With Corners
Money Photo Border
Monkey Business Border
Monkey Business Spotlight Border
Monkey Mischief Terrific Trimmer
Monkeys Border
Monkeys Spotlight Border
Monster Dots Scalloped Trimmer
Monsters Border
Months Of The Year Border
Months Of The Year Kid-Drawn Straight Border
Moonscape Trimmer
Mossy Forest Trimmer
Mountains Jumbo Borders, Grade Pk-5
Movie Film Die Cut Deco Trim
Multicolor Border Trim
Multicolor Border Trim
Multicolor Polka Dots Border Trim
Multicultural Children Mighty Brights Border
Multicultural Class Border Trim
Multicultural Spotlight Border
Multicultural Welcome Spotlight Border
Music Makers Trimmers
Music Symbols Trimmers
Musical Instruments Trimmer
Musical Instruments Trimmer
Musical Instruments Trimmer
Musical Keyboard Trimmer
Musical Notes Scalloped Trimmer
Musical Notes Straight Border Trim
Mypyramid.Gov Border
Nature All Around The Board Trimmer
Neon Bursts Terrific Trimmer
Neon Dots Terrific Trimmers
Neon Flower Power Border
Neon Hearts All Around Border
Neon Paisley Border
Neon Stripe Border
Neon Waves Trimmer
New Wave Checks Blue & Black
New Wave Dots Yellow Trimmers
New Wave Stars Red & Gold Trimmers
New Wave Stripes Pink & Purple
New Wave Swirls Yellow & Green
New Wave Zigzag Blue Trimmers
Newspaper Straight Border
Noah's Ark Border Trim Straight
Number Line -20 To +20 Border
Number Tumble Trimmer
Numbers Bulletin Board Trimmer
Numbers Photo Border
Ocean Adventure! Border Trim
Ocean Life Border Trim
Ocean Life Borders
Ocean Life Photo Border
Ocean Straight Border Set
Ocean Waves - Big Borders
Ocean Waves Scalloped Border
Old Fashioned School Border Trim
Orange Plaid Border Trim
Orange Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Orange Sparkle Trimmer
Orange Terrific Trimmer
Orange With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Our Hands Can Scalloped Trimmer
Our World Trimmer
Out Of This World Border
Owl Stars Blue Pattern Terrific Trimmers
Owl Stars Pink Pattern Terrific Trimmers
Owl Stars Terrific Trimmers
Owl Straight Border Trim by Susan Wingate
Owls Border
Owls Double Sided Trimmer
Paint Splashes Straight & Stripes Border Trim
Paint Splatters Bolder Borders
Paint Splotches Border
Painters Palette Deco Trim
Paisley On Brown Border
Paisley On Turquoise Border
Paisley Power Border
Party Hearts Trimmer
Party Time Borders
Patchwork Quilt Trimmer
Patriotic Border Trim Straight
Patriotic Bunting Scalloped Trimmer
Patriotic Photo Border
Patriotic Stars Border
Paw Prints Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Paw Prints Spotlight Border
Paw Prints Terrific Trimmers
Peace Border
Peace Signs Border
Peace Signs Straight Border Trim
Peace Signs Terrific Trimmers
Peace Symbols Double Sided Trimmer
Peacock Feathers Trimmer
Peacock Terrific Trimmers
Peanuts Comic Blocks Extra Wide Deco Trim
Peanuts Gang Scalloped Deco Trim
Peanuts Super Star Extra Wide Deco Trim
Peanuts Yellow With Snoopy Deco Trim
Pencils Straight Border
People Of The World Border Trim
Perfect Paisleys Double Sided Border
Physical Fitness Trimmers
Picket Fence Roll 6"X16' White
Pine Boughs Trimmer
Pinecones Trimmer
Pink Dots On Stripes Double Sided Trimmer
Pink Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Pizzazz Stripes Terrific Trimmers
Place Value Brainy Border
Playful Paisley Border
Playful Pattern Borders
Polar Bears Borders With Corners
Polka Dot Party Wavy Border
Pop-Its ABCs & 123s
Pop-Its Apples
Pop-Its Bandana
Pop-Its Bees
Pop-Its Borders Dots
Pop-Its Cars & Road
Pop-Its Dogs & Cats
Pop-Its Fish
Pop-Its Flowers
Pop-Its Footprints
Pop-Its Frogs
Pop-Its Handprints
Pop-Its Kids At Work
Pop-Its Ladybugs
Pop-Its Pencils
Pop-Its Sports
Pop-Its Stars
Pop-Its Suns & Rainbows
Pop-Its Swirls
Pop-Its Vine
Popcorn Trimmer
Popcorn Layered Border
Poppin Patterns Pennant Border
Poppin Patterns Spring Flowers Shapes Border
Poppin Patterns Stars Border
Posies Shapes Border
Positive Pop Art Double Sided Border
Positive Words Border Trim
Praise Words N Stars Terrific Trimmers
Praise Words Trimmer
Pre-Algebra Border
Pretty Paisley Border
Pretty Petals Terrific Trimmers
Pumpkin Pals Trimmer
Pumpkin Patch Scalloped Trimmer
Punctuation Scalloped Trimmer
Punti Felici Double Sided Border
Purple Handmade Paper Trimmer
Purple Polka Dots Scalloped Trimmer
Purple Sassy Solids Double Sided Border
Purple Sparkle Trimmer
Purple Trimmer
Purple Vibe Terrific Trimmers
Purple With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Race Cars Spotlight Border
Race Finish Spotlight Border
Racing Bears Border Trim
Racing Border
Racing Terrific Trimmers
Rain Forest Animals Straight Border
Rain Forest Trimmers
Rainbow & Stars Trimmers
Rainbow Bubbles Trimmers
Rainbow Cupcakes Trimmers
Rainbow Dots - Straight Border
Rainbow Gel Terrific Trimmer
Rainbow Handprints Straight Borders
Rainbow Of Stars Borders
Rainbow Pencils Scalloped Trimmer
Rainbow People Mighty Brights Border
Rainbow Plaid Trimmer
Rainbow Pods Terrific Trimmers
Rainbow Promise Terrific Trimmers
Rainbow Scalloped Border
Rainbow Scalloped Terrific Trimmer
Rainbow Stars Borders With Corners
Rainbow Stripes Border
Rainbow Swirls Scalloped Border
Rainbow Swirls Terrific Trimmer
Rainbow Terrific Trimmer
Rainbow Wave Border
Rainbows Border Trim
Rainbows Border Trim
Rainforest Photo Border
Rainy Day Boots Trimmer
Razzle Dazzle Welcome Bolder Borders
Reach For The Stars! Straight Border
Read Colorful Border Trim
Reading Kids & Letters: Kid-Drawn Border Set
Reading Straight Border Trim
Reading: Kid-Drawn Straight Border
Records Border
Red & White Dots All Around Border
Red Apples Trimmer
Red Bandana Border Trim
Red Bandana Borders With Corners
Red Bandanna Scalloped Trimmer
Red Borders Terrific Trimmers
Red Bricks Jumbo Borders
Red Fizz Terrific Trimmers
Red Gingham Trimmer
Red Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
Red Polka Dots On Black Border Trim
Red Scalloped Border Trim
Red Sparkle Border
Red Sparkle Border
Red Sparkle Trimmer
Red Vibe Terrific Trimmers
Red With White Paw Prints Straight Border Trim
Red, Graphic Pattern Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Red/White Crazy Circles Straight Border Trim
Reduce Reuse Recycle Trimmer
Retro Blocks Border
Retro Border
Retro Rainbow Double Sided Border
Road - Big Borders
Road Jumbo Borders, Grade Pk-5
Road Straight Border
Robot Gears Border
Robots Straight Border Trim
Rock Show Border
Rocker Chic Double Sided Border
Rocks Trimmer
Round Em Up Stick Kids Trimmers
Royal Blue Trimmer
Ruler Border Trim
Safari Borders With Corners
Safari Prints Bordette 2-1/4" x 25' Cheetah
Sand - Big Borders (Pack of 5)
Santa Trio Straight Border
Sassy Animal Amber Double Sided Border
Sassy Animal Amethyst Double Sided Border
Sassy Animal Emerald Double Sided Border
Sassy Animal Navy Double Sided Border
Sassy Animal Onyx Double Sided Border
Sassy Animal Ruby Double Sided Border
Sassy Animals Double Sided Border
Sassy Sprockets Border
Scalloped Borders (Red Yellow Green Blue)
School Bees Border Trim
School Days Straight Border
School Days Trimmer
School Fun Border
School Stuff Terrific Trimmer
School Time 3" Border Trim
School Tools Border Trim
School Tools Border Trim
School Tools Trimmer
Schooltime Trim
Science All-Around Border
Science Border Trim
Science Border Trim
Science Savvy Double Sided Border
Science Shelf Border
Science Straight Border Trim
Science Tools Photo Border
Science Trimmers
Scrapbook Hearts
Sea Adventure Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Sea Shells Trimmer
Seashells Borders with Corners
Shades Of Blue Scalloped Trimmer
Shades Of Blue Straight Border
Shades Of Color Scalloped Trimmer
Shades Of Green Scalloped Trimmer
Shades Of Purple Scalloped Trimmer
Shades Of Red Scalloped Trimmer
Shades Of Yellow Scalloped Trimmer
Shamrocks Trimmer
Shapes Border
Shining Character Words Straight Border
Shiny Red Apples Terrific Trimmers
Shooting Stars Border
Shooting Stars Straight Border
Shooting Stars Straight Border Trim
Silly Squares Terrific Trimmers
Silver Metallic Icicles Bordette 2 1/4" X 25'
Silver Metallic Trimmer
Silver Sparkle Border
Silver Sparkle Border
Silver Sparkle Trimmer
Smile Faces (Suns)
Smiley Face Mighty Brights Border
Smiley Faces Borders
Smiley Faces Scalloped
Smiley Faces Trimmer
Smiling Stick Kids Border
Snake Trimmers
Snow And Ice Trimmers
Snow Borders
Snow Flurries Terrific Trimmers
Snowflakes Border Trim
Snowflakes Photo Border
Snowflakes Trimmer
Snowmen Border Trim
Soccer Layered Border
Soft Tones Scalloped Trimmer
Solar System Border Trim
Solar System Border Trim
Solar System Trimmer
Space Cadets Spotlight Border
Space Scalloped Trimmer
Spanish Praise Words
Sparkle Plus Trimmer Variety Pack
Sparkling Stars Border
Sparkling Stars Straight Border
Spider Web Trimmer
Splashy Colors Trimmers
Sports Balls Scalloped
Sports Border Trim
Sports Borders
Sports Fun Spotlight Border
Spotted Black Terrific Trimmer
Spotted Blue Terrific Trimmer
Spotted Yellow Terrific Trimmer
Spring Flowers Photo Border
Spring Flowers!
Spring Fun Trimmer
Spring Garden Photo Border
Spring Garden Spotlight Border
Spring Straight Border Trim
Sprinkles Wavy Border
Squiggly Green Straight Border
Stage Curtain Scalloped Trimmer
Stained Glass Terrific Trimmer
Star Bolts Border
Star Border (Stencil Cut)
Star Brights Trimmer
Star Celebration Terrific Trimmers
Star Party Terrific Trimmer
Star Rainbow Border
Star Students Trim
Starfish Trimmer
Starry Night Border
Starry Night Straight Border Trim
Stars & Rainbows
Stars Border
Stars Country Border
Stars Deco Trim
Stars N Dots Terrific Trimmers
Stars N Swirls Terrific Trimmers
Stars On Black Border
Stars Rainbow Border Trim
Stars Terrific Trimmer
Stars Trim
Stars Trimmer
Stone Wall Trimmer
Stripes & Stitches Shapes Border
Stripes And Dots Wavy Border
Stripes On Jumbo Dots Border
Stylin Stripes Border
Sunflowers Border Trim
Sunflowers Border Trim
Sunflowers Jumbo Borders, Grade Pk-5
Sunflowers Photo Border
Sunflowers Trimmer
Suns 'N Rainbows Border
Super Hero Kids Straight Borders
Super Kids Straight Border
Super Science Lab Borders with Corners
Super Sleuths Border
Super Snowman Border
Super Space Terrific Trimmer
Super Sparkle Blue Trimmer
Super Sparkle Green Trimmer
Super Sparkle Orange Trimmer
Super Sparkle Purple Trimmer
Super Sparkle Red Trimmer
Super Sports Borders With Corners
Suzy Zoo Character Letters Deco Trim
Suzys Zoo Back To School
Sw Alphabet Straight Border Trim
Sw Apples Straight Border Trim
Sw Old Fashioned School Straight Border Trim
Symphony Trimmer
Synergy Circles Border
Teachers Pets Deco Trim
Team Spirit Double Sided Border
Team Spirit Green & White Borders
Team Spirit Royal Blue & Gold Borders
The Scientific Method Border
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Straight Border
Think Green Straight Border Trim
Tie Dye All-Around Border
Tie Dye Trimmer
Tiger Print Scalloped Border
Tiger Print Scalloped Border Trim
Tiger Safari Prints Bordette 2-1/4" x 25'
Tiger Trimmers
Timeless Tie Dye Border
Tools For School Border Trim
Trains Trimmer
Transportation Photo Border
Travel Layered Border
Tree Bark Trimmer
Tree Border (Stencil Cut)
Trend Kids Border
Trimmer Crayons
Trimmer Stars
Tropical Fish Trimmer
Turkey Time Trimmer
Tweet Birdies Border
Twirls & Swirls Border
U.S. Coins Trimmer
Under The Sea Trimmer
US Olympic Border Trim
US Olympic Border Trim
Variety Pack Solid (156 ft/ of Trimmer)
Variety Pack Trimmer (Silver|Red|Yellow|Blue - 130')
Variety Pks - Trimmer Color Collage
Variety Pks - Trimmer Four Seasons
Variety Pks - Trimmer Holidays
Variety Pks - Trimmer Lotsa Spots
Variety Pks - Trimmer School Basics
Vegetable Mix Trimmer
Vintage Target Double Sided Trimmer
Warm Red Dots Straight Border
Water Waves Terrific Trimmer
Waterdrops Scalloped Border Trim
Watermelon Trimmers
Waves Of Blue Wavy Border
Wavy Bubbles Terrific Trimmer
We Are Thankful Straight Border Trim
We Love Books Straight Trim
We're Smart Cookies Photo Border
Weathered Barn Trimmer
Welcome Apple Borders With Corners
Welcome Back Team (VBS) Borders With Corners
Welcome Kids Straight Border
Western All Around Border
Western Round Up!
Western Straight Border Trim
What A Puzzle Borders with Corners
Whats On Your Plate Border Trim
Whats The Weather Border
White Fence Mighty Brights Border
White Scalloped
White Trimmers Terrific Trimers
Wiggle Worms Apples Border
Wild About Learning Straight Border
Wild Flowers Trimmer
Wild Stripes Border Trim
Winter Fun Trimmer
Winter Swirls Border
Wooden Frame Border
Woodland Owls Border
Words Of Praise Straight Border Trim
Work Zone Trimmer
World Continents Borders 12/Pk
World Flags Trimmer
World Map & Compass Borders with Corners
World Traveler Double Sided Border
World Welcome Borders
Yellow Mini Polka Dots Border Trim
Yellow Polka Dots Scalloped Trimmer
Yellow Scalloped
Yellow Sparkle Border
Yellow Sparkle Border
Yellow Sparkle Trimmer
Yellow Terrific Trimmer
Yellow, Graphic Pattern Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Yummy Apples Scalloped Trimmer, Grade Pk-5
Zebra Border Trim
Zebra Double-Sided Border
Zebra Print Scalloped Border
Zebra Rainbow Border Trim
Zebra Rainbow Border Trim
Zebra Safari Prints Bordette 2-1/4" x 25'
Zebra Tt Terrific Trimmers
Zigzag Motif Bolder Borders

Classroom Borders and Bulletin Board Borders

Classroom borders and bulletin board borders are a mainstay for today’s classroom. Borders, along with their mini-me cousins, bordettes, are just one of those things that you will use every day.

Regardless of the theme, you will find classroom borders and bulletin board borders that are just right. These borders come in all shapes, colors and sizes and there are virtually no situations where you can’t find the proper border.

Nothing will cheer a classroom like changing the trim. You can transform an entire room simply by re-trimming your existing decorations. The trim can be used for all holidays, special events, discipline or season.

Please look around our entire section for that perfect classroom border or bulletin board border. While we have literally thousands to choose from, you can also take a look at our other selections of classroom decorations for even more ideas.
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